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Elizabeth II: this escapade of the queen before the reconfinement

The last moments of freedom. In a few hours, the British will have to go into confinement again for a few weeks. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has announced a re-containment of the population, which will come into effect this Thursday, November 5 and at least until December 2. Before spending the next few weeks at Windsor Castle, Elizabeth II took a little getaway. As reported by The Express, the British monarch was photographed on the morning of Tuesday, November 4 in a car, hidden behind a large pair of sunglasses. Queen Elizabeth II is set to go through second national lockdown at Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip and a small number of their staff, known as HMS Bubble.

However, Her Majesty is still expected to appear in public next weekend to honor the important Remembrance Sunday ceremony. Like her, some members of the British Crown are expected to attend the celebrations, necessarily special because of the sanitary conditions. Elizabeth II should thus supervise this ceremony, prohibited to the public, from one of the balconies of Whitehall while Prince Charles will lead the minute of silence in memory of the soldiers who died in the fighting. After spending her first confinement in Windsor and then heading to Balmoral this summer, Queen Elizabeth II left her husband to find work in London. But within hours of the entry into force of these new restrictions, the Duke of Edinburgh must leave his residence in Sandrigham to join Her Majesty at Windsor Castle. It is together that they will confine themselves, like a few months ago.

The next complicated weeks

“Everyone who has seen her recently says that the Queen seems to be leading a new life because she loved the chance to have a good time with Philip”, said a relative of the sovereign, adding that “it is the first time since years that the Queen can spend quality time with her husband “. On November 20, in full confinement, the two spouses will celebrate their wedding anniversary in a small committee. The monarch should, just like during the first bars, continue to work. Elizabeth II will in particular always hold her weekly meeting by telephone with the Prime Minister and receive the government’s red box daily. Worried and furious for the family holiday celebrations she loves so much, Her Majesty will occupy her next weeks thanks to work. And alongside Prince Philip.

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