Muhammad Khan, was arrested, after he jumped on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II
This 28-year-old man wanted to verify for himself that the queen was indeed dead
He also believes King Charles III had something to do with the Queen’s death

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for nearly 70 years on the throne of England, was an event followed around the world. So much so that each highlight has been at the center of controversy and rumors. We remember the temporary reunification of Princes William and Harry during the procession of the coffin. The royal brothers were side by side, behind the coffin of the monarch who died at 96. There is also the first speech of King Charles III where he granted the title of Prince and Princess of Wales to Prince William and Kate Middleton. One of the shock events was also the astounding initiative of Muhammad Khan. Indeed, this 28-year-old man had jumped on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Mirror explains that Muhammad Khan had caught the Royal Standard flag draped over Her Majesty The Queen’s coffin. This during the exhibition of the coffin in Westminster Hall. The media reports that this gentleman “wanted to verify for himself that she was indeed dead” and at the same time wanted to break into Buckingham Palace. Of course, he was quickly stopped in his tracks. “Muhammad Khan, 28, had also planned to break into royal residences, including Buckingham Palace,” according to Mirror.

He promises to do it again if he doesn’t have an answer

The media claims that Muhammad Khan intended to write to the royal family and that if he did not have an answer, he would seek to speak to the Queen directly. When this man was questioned by the court, he claimed that if he did not win his case, he would continue to break into the business “as long as he lived”. Muhammad Khan appeared on September 20 before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The facts took place on Friday, September 16. Muhammad Khan had rushed to the coffin of the deceased regent in the evening. Moreover, the live showing thousands of mourners in Westminster Hall had been briefly interrupted because of this incident. This when Muhammad Khan was tackled to the ground by police.

King Charles III responsible for the Queen’s death?

According to Mirror sources, Muhammad Khan was delusional. He thought King Charles III had something to do with the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. “Muhammad Khan was arrested at the scene and appeared in court today charged under Section 4A of the Public Order Act,” the outlet reports. Prosecutor Luke Staton said Khan was among the audience of 250,000 who came to pay their respects to the Queen.

They claim that Queen Elizabeth II is not dead

During his audience, Muhammad Khan was firmly convinced that the queen was not dead. He emphasizes the fact that he wanted to check for himself if she was really dead. The district judge, Michael Snow, did not ask questions to the defendant who had not retained a lawyer to defend him. Moreover, the doctors judged that he was unfit to “take part in the procedure”. Muhammad Khan was nevertheless heard when he confirmed his identity and date of birth. He also claimed he was temporarily living at a friend’s address in Wood Green, London. The judge granted him bail on the condition that he remain in a psychiatric hospital until October 18, the date of his next court appearance.

Note that this event occurs after another person has tried to open the queen’s coffin. Indeed, Mark Hague, 52, had been escorted out of the queue in Tower Gardens on Saturday morning September 17. He was notably charged under Article 5 of the Public Order Act. A person in the audience had alerted the authorities after hearing Mark Hague say, “I’m going to tell her to get out of her f****** coffin because she’s not dead”.

Elizabeth II: this disturbing reason why a man jumped on his coffin

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