Elizabeth II: this competition launched by the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee

At the age of 25, Elizabeth II ascended to the British throne. While June 2, 2022 will mark its seventy years of reign, Buckingham Palace has just published the program of celebrations for the platinum jubilee of Prince Philip’s widow. In order to celebrate this as it should be, the queen has launched an exceptional competition! On the British Royal Family’s official Instagram account, it reads: “The Queen has inspired many artists and designers during her nearly 70-year reign, and now we ask you to be inspired too!”

If this contest should inspire more than one, it is however reserved for the British! “If you are an aspiring artist or designer aged 13-25, based in the UK, we would love you to design an emblem for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee next year. The winning design will appear on the official products, big screens and widely on our social networks in 2022. The competition is being organized by the Victoria & Albert Museum on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen and the winner will be announced this summer, “it says. In videos, two artists agreed to give advice to aspiring artists. Gabriella Marcella, designer of the Risotto brand shared: “How do you make your design different and make sure it stands out? For me, you have to follow your instincts and have fun. It’s a celebration after all. This energy that I am always touched by creating things. So I can’t wait to see the designs you come up with! “

An incredible opportunity for young talents

Artist Yinka Ilori has also been approached by Buckingham Palace to help young talents. In one video, he advised: “Try to be as authentic as possible. Try and tell a story. Storytelling is really the key. If you can, tell a story about the Queen, or about London. , or something that inspires you. ” In the comments section, Internet users were very enthusiastic! “This is an incredible opportunity that can inspire young talent! Well done!” ; “The Queen is an inspiring woman!” ; “What a wonderful way to engage and inspire people to be the best they can be!” ; “What a brilliant idea!” Reads in the comments section.

Elizabeth II © Agency

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