Since 2015, Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, has broken the record for longevity to the throne in the United Kingdom. In terms of record, only the former king of Thailand Rama IX reigned longer, indicates the magazine Here. This ruler ruled for 4 months and 4 days more after his platinum jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II of England, meanwhile, celebrated her platinum jubilee on February 6. On the occasion of this 70th anniversary of his reign, the mother of Prince Charles, 73, Princess Anne, 71, and Prince Andrew, 62, insisted on making an appearance in front of the cameras despite her state of health. .

Elizabeth II, 95, recently tested positive for Covid-19. But since October 2021, the grandmother of Princes William and Harry has been suffering from low back pain, reports Here. On the occasion of the celebration of her 70 years of reign, the 95-year-old sovereign does not yet seem to have regained her full form. As proof, Queen Elizabeth II made an appearance with her walking stick in front of the cameras. In addition, the cane used by Queen Elizabeth II of England on February 6 is very symbolic. This is another small nod to her late husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Queen Elizabeth II of England uses a walking cane from Prince Philip

Prince Philip died at the age of 99 on April 9, 2021. According to the Telegraph, Queen Elizabeth II of England appeared in front of the cameras with Prince Philip’s cane on February 6. It is a cane from which the Duke of Edinburgh “never separates during his visits to Sandringham and when he was very weakened by his stays in hospital before his disappearance”, specifies the magazine Here. A writer close to Prince Philip, Gyles Brandreth, claims that it is indeed the cane of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. “I immediately recognized this cane, which was usually placed in a jar at the entrance to the castle. It was the duke’s cane and it is very touching that the queen is leaning on it today”, added said the writer.

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