The date of the official celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is approaching, and various devices are already being put in place to celebrate this historic stage in the life of the sovereign with dignity. With her 70-year reign, she marks a new record for the British crown and further establishes her place in history. Among the programs that will celebrate this new stage, a documentary which will be broadcast on Wednesday May 18 on W9 from 9:15 p.m. Entitled Elizabeth II, 70 years of reign, secrets and scandals, the documentary will look at different aspects of the queen’s life and will be punctuated by the testimonies of several speakers. One of the topics covered will be the queen’s daily routine, one particular task of which may attract attention.

Every day without exception and regardless of her state of fatigue, Queen Elizabeth II writes in her diary for about 15 minutes. She writes down the activities of the day that she considers important, but also the encounters she has been able to make – and these are often very numerous. According to the information already known about this famous diary, Queen Elizabeth II would also take the opportunity to note her impressions and her feelings about these meetings. Yet this very personal act, which constitutes an invaluable archive for history, has no informative aim. Indeed the sovereign does not want anyone to read it, and she would have already made arrangements so that after her death, the content of her diaries is not revealed. The blotters she uses are also burned the next day so that no one can access them and decipher a few lines… Only Prince Philip, who died on April 9, 2021, had the right to take a look at them from time to time. weather.

Will Elizabeth II’s greatest secrets ever be revealed?

This little ritual is therefore above all for the queen herself. She thus has about fifteen minutes each evening during which she sits at her desk and thinks about her day before going to bed. Once the story of her latest adventures is down on paper, she puts the diary in a locked black leather box, then puts the box in a secret place that she would be, according to the documentary, the only one to know. The Queen started the habit when she was 15, and she was inspired by her father, King George VI, who also kept a diary. Long before, Queen Victoria also kept a diary, part of which was published thanks to her daughter Princess Beatrice. The latter, not wanting to go against her mother’s will and reveal all her secrets, had however burned a greater part of them still…

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