Elizabeth II: these first big announcements that the queen will make a month after the death of Prince Philip

It is a tradition across the Channel, the opening speech of the parliamentary session that Queen Elizabeth II will read on Tuesday, May 11, is written in first person but written by Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister. Its objective is to present the general policy of the country. A somewhat peculiar speech since it is the first that the Queen will deliver after the death of her husband, Prince Philip, which occurred a month ago. But also because of health restrictions. Indeed, MPs and members of the House of Lords will have to wear masks and will have had to pass a Covid test beforehand. They will obviously be allowed to attend only if their result is negative. Here’s what the Queen is expected to announce according to The Mirror.

Major announcements from Queen Elizabeth II’s policy speech

The government plans to enshrine in law a “lifelong guarantee of competence”. The objective is to allow working citizens to continue to follow courses at the university in parallel.

For the next election, the government is considering requiring photo ID to allow citizens to cast their ballots.

Boris Johnson also hopes to give more power to the police to frame the protests. New legislation that could allow the police to limit the duration or the noise level of demonstrations.

The environment will also be discussed in the Queen’s speech. The government would like to set new environmental goals for the country. A decision taken in view of the organization of the next Cop26, the annual UN climate conference, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic and which was to take place next November in Glasgow.

Changes should also be expected in the UK healthcare system.

The government also wants to encourage the construction of housing, to do this, it intends to relax controls. However, after the Grenfell Tower fire, a new system of safety and inspection rules for buildings under construction should soon be voted on.

Boris Jonhson also intends to tackle the problem of immigration and wants to overhaul the asylum system. The aim is to dissuade migrants from crossing the Channel.

The UK government is also expected to introduce a ban on the prosecution of Northern Ireland veterans.

In the Queen’s speech, animals will also be discussed. A law could recognize that they are sentient living beings with emotions. The government should also ban the import of hunting trophies or the possibility of having a monkey as a pet.


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