Elizabeth II: the very strong words of her first black representative to defend the royal family

Their words had the effect of a bomb. On Sunday March 7, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke for the first time since their break with the British royal family. Faced with journalist Oprah Winfrey, the Sussex spouses notably spoke of their decision to leave the monarchy, largely motivated by the media attention they had received since the integration of Meghan into the royal family. During the interview, the latter also accused a member of the monarchy of having expressed concerns about the skin color of her son Archie Moutbatten, even before the birth of the baby. Words that did not fail to react Internet users around the world, but also the royal family itself. Thursday March 11, Prince William defended his family, assuring that it is “absolutely not a racist family”.

And he’s not the only one to think so. In an open letter relayed by the Daily Mail, the representative of Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Kenneth Olisa, spoke to offer his support for the monarchy. “A member of the royal family is accused of expressing concern about the color of Meghan’s child. Before making hasty conclusions and saying it was a vulgar and racist question, we must recognize that we do not know the context or the purpose of this supposed request, “he wrote on Friday 12 March. The Queen’s first black lord-lieutenant, born in 1951 to an English mother and a Nigerien father, Sir Kenneth Olisa explains that he himself had been confronted with this type of question during his life, in contexts that ‘he judges, however, far from being racist.

“They are lovely and inclusive”

“My wife Julia and I were asked the same question – in a spirit of benign interest – by my mother-in-law Muriel, shortly before the birth of our first daughter, in 1980,” he said. “I point out that like Meghan and Harry, I am black and Julia is white. The context of this conversation was a loving family, who wanted to resolve the issue of what color of wool they should buy – which proves that unless you give the context and the intention of the people, you have to keep an open mind, “he concluded.

Sir Kenneth Olisa joined Elizabeth II in 2015, when the latter chose him to become Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, “the first non-white Englishman to hold this very old post”, according to the principal concerned. In six years of practice, the representative assures to have always been treated with kindness on behalf of all the members of the royal family. “I support the Queen and the Royal Family, help them build bridges, connect people and organizations so Londoners feel like they belong in an inclusive capital. I had the privilege of meeting all of the members of the royal family on various occasions – and I can confirm that they are charming and inclusive, “the Lord Lieutenant assured.

“This is only my impression,” he continued, “but it is shared by the thousands of people I have seen react to the ‘fairy dust’ that royal visitors spread on those they meet As head of the nation, the Sovereign represents national identity, unity and pride. She gives a sense of stability and continuity. Her ties and affection for the Commonwealth (which brings together several countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, editor’s note), reminds us of its relationship with all its subjects, regardless of their color and their principles “.

Elizabeth II preoccupied

For her part, Queen Elizabeth II reacted in a statement to the issue raised by Meghan and Harry during their interview. “The problems put forward, especially those related to racism, are worrying. Even if some versions may vary, we take this very seriously and will discuss it with the family in private,” assured the sovereign on Tuesday, March 9.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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