Elizabeth II: the very political scandal in which his cousin, Michael de Kent is involved

The royal family finds itself at the heart of a huge scandal. This Sunday, May 9, Channel 4 and the Sunday Times published an investigation that may not please Elizabeth II at all. His cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, is accused of using his royal status to sell privileged access to Vladimir Putin’s regime. In particular, he allegedly offered to undercover journalists, who posed as Korean investors seeking to sell gold in Russia, to represent them “confidentially” to the Russian president for 10,000 pounds per day. During a virtual meeting filmed on a hidden camera, the prince even agreed to help them promote their bogus business by recording a speech from Kensington Palace, in exchange for $ 200,000.

During this meeting, his partner the Marquis Simon Reading described Michael de Kent as “His Majesty’s unofficial ambassador to Russia” and explained that his relationship with Vladimir Putin was still in good shape and had not been affected by tensions with London. According to the media behind this infiltration, Simon Reading had already taken advantage of a reception at Kensington Palace in 2013, in the presence of Elizabeth II’s cousin, to cash in direct access to the Kremlin. As soon as this investigation was published, the prince firmly denied the facts with which he is accused. And in a statement, his spokesperson said the Marquis Reading had “made suggestions that Prince Michael would not have wanted, or could not have made” during the secretly taped meeting.

Michael de Kent is “linked to Russia by his maternal grandmother”

“As is common practice, Prince Michael’s private secretary told representatives of the company during their conversations that nothing could happen without the agreement of the British Embassy and the help of the Chamber of Commerce. Russian-British, of which Prince Michael is the boss, “added his spokesperson, before assuring that Michael de Kent has not had contact with Vladimir Putin since 2013. Elizabeth II’s cousin and his wife do not are not active members of the Crown but have represented the institution on several occasions. On the royal family’s website, he is described as a man “linked to Russia through his maternal grandmother” with “a strong interest in the country”. The official biography explains that he “became the first member of the royal family to learn Russian, ultimately qualifying as a Russian interpreter.”

Michael de Kent © AGENCY

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