Elizabeth II: the rabbit that President Bill Clinton had put on her for an improbable reason

Had he forgotten the real reason for his visit? In 1997, while President of the United States, Bill Clinton made an official trip to the United Kingdom to meet the newly elected Tony Blair as Prime Minister. A crucial visit which was to allow the two men to “establish a good working relationship” between them, and which Elizabeth II had wished to get involved by notably inviting the Clinton couple for tea at Buckingham Palace. However, the program did not quite go as planned.

As reported by The Guardian, which has consulted documents that were previously classified, while Bill and Hillary Clinton appreciated the Queen’s invitation, they preferred to play “tourists” by shopping in London and tasting food. Indian cuisine, according to a Downing Street briefing note released by the National Archives. Perhaps a way for them to play the “cool” card, while, reelected to the post of President of the United States, Bill Clinton had hoped that he and his British counterpart would impose themselves “as young, dynamic leaders. and serious “.

Did Elizabeth II meet Bill Clinton?

An approach not really successful for Bill Clinton, who, if he appeared young and dynamic, had certainly not at the time been perceived as serious in the exercise of his functions, while he had in particular rejected the set of proposals made by the British Foreign Office to fit into its schedule. These included a musical session between the two leaders, as Tony Blair played the guitar and his counterpart the saxophone, a trip to a London pub, a stroll through Trafalgar Square and a visit to the Sports Cafe in Haymarket.

Fortunately, Tony Blair ended up meeting Bill Clinton, and even forming a great bond with him, while Elizabeth II had welcomed the president in 1995 at Buckingham Palace, and went to the White House in 2000. ” Her Majesty impressed me as someone who, had it not been for the circumstances of her birth, could have become a successful politician or diplomat. In fact, she had to be both, without appearing to be either. “, even wrote Bill Clinton about her in his memoir.

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Bill and Hillary Clinton © ALPHA AGENCY

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