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Elizabeth II: the Queen’s plans to see her whole family at Christmas

A Christmas like no other for the Windsors. It is the custom of Elizabeth II to gather her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren every year at her home in Sandringham for the holiday season. Celebrations that are planned well in advance with a program that remains unchanged, between family meals, Christmas mass or even gift exchanges. However this year, the queen will have to review her plans somewhat, but also her guest list. Indeed, while the British are once again confined, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that the limit would be three households gathered per household for the holidays. But Elizabeth II may have found a solution to get around this rule.

Indeed, if Richard Eden has already told the Daily Mail that Prince Edward would be invited to the traditional Christmas celebrations, meal included, with his wife Sophie and their two children Louise and James, just like Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, he Elizabeth II could have found the solution to also see Prince William and Kate Middleton. “If they make it to Sandringham, their traditional Boxing Day hunt could still take place, allowing them to see family members who cannot join them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” emphasizes a source.

A legal Christmas for Elizabeth II

An ingenious plan for Elizabeth II, since during this exceptional period due to the coronavirus most indoor gatherings are prohibited, unlike outdoor sports activities which are limited to 30 people. And since hunting is an outdoor sporting activity, the queen and her family would therefore spend the Christmas holidays in the greatest legality. What reassure the wife of Prince Philip, who had been “furious” when the idea of ​​a Christmas in Windsor was emitted, a first for more than 30 years.


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