Every year, Elizabeth II addresses the British during the New Year. If she did not spend the end of the year celebrations at Sandringham Castle due to the health crisis, the Queen of England wanted to share a video montage retracing the highlights of the royal family in 2021. On these images, we can see the queen with Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall in Egypt, the funeral of Prince Philip, the meeting between Elizabeth II and Joe Biden, the speech of Prince William at COP26, but also Edward of Kent and Richard of Gloucester. While many people were honored in this video, Elizabeth II completely skipped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Astonished that Archie and Lilibet’s parents were not honored in this video, many Internet users reacted in the comments section. We can read: “Meghan and Harry ????” ; “No picture of Harry, it’s sad”; “Harry is still a member of the family. It is sad that he is not treated as such”; but also: “Happy New Year, but you should have put a picture of Harry, Meghan and their children.” Other netizens then recalled that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were no longer active members of the royal family, and therefore no longer had a place in this video.

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The poignant speech of Elizabeth II at Christmas

A few days earlier, it was in her traditional Christmas speech that Elizabeth II had spoken. She said then: “Although it is a time of joy for many people, Christmas can be especially cruel when you lose a loved one. And this year, in particular, I understand why. Since the death of my late loved one. Philip, I found great comfort in the expressions of affection shown to me. His sense of service, his intellectual curiosity, and his ability to find reason to rejoice in any situation was overwhelming. mischievous gaze was present until the end of his life. But life, of course, comes to an end one day and although he is sorely missed, I know he wished we had a holiday together. , and very warm. “

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