Elizabeth II: the Queen is terrified by Prince Harry’s new book

Stupor and tremors at Buckingham Palace. Several days ago, the Penguin Random House editions, which also published Meghan Markle’s book The Bench, announced the release for 2022 of Prince Harry’s memoirs, in which he intends to reveal himself more than ever, about of the death of his mother Lady Diana, but above all, as a child growing up within the royal family. A book that will probably bristle a few hairs in the United Kingdom, and which already promises to be explosive, which frightens Elizabeth II.

Indeed, if the queen already knows she is immune to criticism from her grandson, to whom she has extended a hand many times since leaving the British monarchy, some other members have already been warned that they had better prepare for attacks. Among them, Prince Charles, who was not aware of his son’s new project, but also Prince William, with whom he has been cold for several months. But also and above all, Camilla Parker Bowles, whom Prince Harry would not really carry in his heart. “Let’s be honest, Harry has never been close to the Duchess of Cornwall,” a source told The Sun.

What does Elizabeth II fear towards Camilla?

A relationship that worries Elizabeth II, since she fears that through her revelations, Prince Harry tarnishes the image of Camilla Parker Bowles, destined to become queen consort alongside Prince Charles. “If he documents their strained relationship in the book, it could be very damaging as Charles sets the stage for her to become queen,” a source tells The Sun. Long considered the mistress of the crown prince at the origin of many evils within his marriage with Lady Diana, the Duchess of Cornwall has known since her marriage to the son of Elizabeth II in 2005 to restore her image thanks to her numerous commitments given by the queen, with whom she has built a relationship of trust.

Elizabeth II with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry © Agency

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