Queen Elizabeth II has a new neighbor in Windsor
Prince Naseem Hamed rents a magnificent house worth 1.65 million euros
Passers-by had a hard time recognizing the former world champion

His period of glory is over, but the boxer Naseem Hamed finds himself, several years after his peak, once again in the spotlight. But this is not for a sporting reason, but rather real estate. The one who gave himself the title of “prince”, also nicknamed “Naz”, has indeed just moved to the city of Windsor, where the famous Windsor Castle is located, where Queen Elizabeth II resides. The sovereign is also there at this very moment, in full convalescence after several worrying episodes concerning her health. Fortunately, the monarch is now better and she even appeared recently, all smiles and dashing. She therefore now has the pleasure of having as a neighbor the retired boxer Naseem Hamed, holder, according to the Daily Mail, of a fortune of nearly 60 million euros and a real estate portfolio of more than 80 million euros. euros.

If Naseem Hamed, aged 48, is so well known it is in particular because he retired at 28 after becoming world featherweight boxing champion. When he made the surprising decision to retire so soon, Naz justified himself simply by explaining: “After winning my 5th world title, I thought to myself, ‘why not be one of the smartest in the business? boxing ?'”. The boxer’s career was therefore short-lived, unlike that of Queen Elizabeth II, who is about to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee this month of June 2022. The sovereign will thus celebrate her 70 years of reign, thus becoming the British monarch with the longest reign in all of history. But her length of career is not the only element that sets her apart from her rather bling-bling new neighbor.

The Queen’s neighbor involved in a serious car accident

Where the royal family is all about discretion and protocol, Naseem Hamed is not afraid of being noticed. The Daily Mail points out that he was seen driving his Corvette Stingray, a car worth more than 140,000 euros. He is also known to have been involved, in 2005, in a serious accident at the wheel of his McLaren-Mercedes car worth more than 300,000 euros. Far from looking like the champ he was two decades ago, audiences might have struggled to recognize Naz were it not for the obvious signs of wealth that come with his moves. According to testimonies from passers-by collected by The Sun, “Naseem Hamed was known for his unforgivable punch and his showmanship but now we hardly recognize him. But it’s good to see him living in the shadow of a real person of royalty” they explained in reference to the title of “prince” that the boxer had chosen.

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