Elizabeth II: the incredible fate of her dresser, Angela Kelly, a woman of character

Nothing predestined Angela Kelly to serve Queen Elizabeth II and yet … Angela Kelly comes from a modest family in Liverpool. She left the benches of the young school before holding a newsstand for a few years, a job that she then gave up to become a governess to the British Ambassador to Germany. And it is precisely in Berlin that Angela Kelly will meet the British royal family for the first time. A meeting during which Prince Philip will ask him who are the next guests. The housekeeper will refuse to answer, citing professional secrecy. Prince Philip will insist, “but you can certainly point that out to His Majesty?”. Angela Kelly will not say anything and it is her loyalty that will impress the queen and her husband, according to Le Parisien Magazine.

Some time after this meeting, the housekeeper then received a phone call to offer her a position in Buckingham. The Queen’s dresser retires, she is asked to replace her. Angela Kelly thus arrives at the service of the queen in 1994. The character denotes with the places, the young woman will also sell her sewing machine to be able to buy correct clothes. But she will keep her outspokenness, which will please the queen. Elizabeth II will only try to correct Angela Kelly’s northern accent, but to no avail.

“Angela Kelly is the only one who has such intimacy with Elizabeth II”, says biographer

Since then the dresser has proven herself and today has become Her Majesty’s personal assistant and advisor for jewelry, badges and wardrobe. She is responsible for recruiting designers, making fittings and, as she wears the same size as Her Majesty, she wears the Queen’s new pumps to make them more flexible. Miss Kelly, as she is nicknamed, will then revolutionize the wardrobe of Elizabeth II. Bye-bye seventies prints and ruffles, Angela Kelly shortens the queen’s coats and prefers plain fabrics. It is under the influence that Elizabeth II will assume her taste for the color that she now wears in “total look”. It is therefore to Angela Kelly that the Queen of England owes her nickname “Rainbow Queen”. The latter also said about him: “I think we are a great team.” More than an advisor, Angela Kelly now knows how to reassure Prince Philip’s wife, but also to make her laugh. “She is the only one to have such intimacy with Elizabeth II,” a biographer has also said.

Angela Kelly © AGENCY

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