Elizabeth II: the discreet tic of the queen when she is in a bad mood

To immerse herself in the skin of Elizabeth II, Helen Mirren watched many documentaries and images of the Queen of England. In 2006 the actress played the main role of the film The Queen, by Stephen Frears, broadcast on Arte Sunday, October 25. And by dint of observing the British monarch, the actress noticed that Elizabeth II has some behavioral tics! Indeed, impossible not to notice these slight changes when Prince Philip’s wife is in a bad mood! The magazine Télé 7 Jours tells that Helen Mirren reproduced the chin strokes, showing her annoyance. But also her way of holding her corgis, her dogs that she loves so much and which inspired the animated film Royal Corgi directed by Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen, or even her handbags to which she sometimes grabs her hands.

But also this approach, which she describes as “quite masculine”. “She walks forward looking straight ahead, leaving everyone behind. It reflects the psychology of a woman who had to win very young in a man’s world,” says Helen Mirren.

A queen with humor

If she sometimes has her moods, Queen Elizabeth II also has a lot of humor! Several years ago, the Queen was walking in the Balmoral estate when a group of American tourists called her … without having recognized her. To the surprise of Richard Griffin, her former protection officer, she answered without hesitation that she has a house near Balmoral Castle, without revealing her identity.

Elizabeth II © Backgrid UK

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