In his new book titled Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, British novelist Gyles Brandreth, close to Prince Philip, lifts the veil on the reaction of the late queen when she learned of the bond that united her son Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein. According to the author, Elizabeth II would have listened attentively to the Duke of York telling her about his friendship with the businessman accused of trafficking in minors before splitting a lacunary answer: “intriguing”. No wonder when you know, like Gyles Brandreth, that the Queen used to cultivate discretion and save her saliva. According to her biographer, Elizabeth II did not hesitate for a minute to withdraw her military titles and forbid her to use the predicate of royal highness. “The Queen took matters into her own hands,” writes Gyles Brandreth in his book. The habit of a strong woman who watched over the interests of her family and her kingdom until her last breath last September.

This tasty revelation comes as King Charles III is said to have harshly scolded his brother after learning of his “insistent lobbying” of their mother to reclaim his royal titles. According to the Mirror, Andrew was already “taken aback by his older brother who told him to accept” his fate. Despite this historic disgrace in the royal family, the Duke of York still hopes to be able to reintegrate his family and remains convinced of his value for the British crown. Andrew’s appearance at his mother’s funeral last fall was particularly criticized. We remember in particular this 22-year-old Scotsman who had launched “You are a sick old man” during the passage of the funeral procession in the city center of Edinburgh. As a reminder, the Duke of York avoided a lawsuit in the United States last February by paying an American, a minor during the Epstein affair, several million euros. A sum whose financing by the crown had also aroused controversy in the United Kingdom.

This man convinced of Andrew’s innocence

It’s hard to believe Andrew’s innocence. One man is however convinced of this: John Bryan. “I believe Andrew is innocent. If he was really involved in ‘orgies’ as claimed, then Epstein would have used that to try to bribe the Queen into paying millions to protect his family” , certifies the man who was Sarah Ferguson’s lover in the early 90s. Photos that had also started a final break between Sarah Ferguson and the royal family. John Bryan goes further in his shock revelations, evoking his discreet entry into the royal box of Windsor to come to the aid of Andrew in the turmoil. However, things did not improve yet for the younger brother of Charles III. According to The Daily Mail, the Duke of York has still not kept a promise already 9 months old: the payment of 2 million pounds to a charity organization for victims of sex trafficking.

Elizabeth II: that one word she said when she learned of Andrew's ties to Jeffrey Epstein


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