This is an event that the protocol could not foresee. Indeed, the media L’Express thus evokes that the dog of the Italian jockey Frankie Dettori would have urinated on one of the Persian carpets of Queen Elizabeth II. As the man was celebrating a victory, his dog, a dachshund reportedly escaped: “I won a big race where I lived, so I invited a group of people to party in my garden. J I left everything open and my dachshund dog ran away, she went hunting in the fields.” If she ran away, she was picked up by a member of Queen Elizabeth II’s staff: “I got a phone call in the morning saying, ‘We’ve found your dog, she’s safe and sound, can you “Will you please pick her up?”

So the jockey goes to pick up his female dog: “He said, ‘Well, we’re going to pick up the Queen at Sandringham and she’s going down to Newmarket to watch some other horses galloping, so if you come around seven o’clock you can say hello to the Queen and get the dog back’.” Happy to have finally found his dog, he asked his wife to follow him. The man then describes his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. “And the queen was there, she was immaculate as usual and we had a little chat.”

“I was really embarrassed”

But then when his dog arrives, nothing goes as planned: “And they let the dog out of the kitchen and she ran straight to me and the dog peed on the Persian rug,” Frankie said. “So I was really embarrassed, it was an awkward moment and I was led out the door very gently.” An unforgettable memory for Franckie.

Elizabeth II © Youtube via Bestimage


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