For the first time, Queen Elizabeth II opens the gardens of Buckingham Palace to the public. A decision taken following the pandemic linked to Covid-19. Indeed, the pandemic has left no one behind, not even the royal family. The economic crisis therefore concerns the charities of the royal family. Indeed, to replenish the royal coffers, Queen Elizabeth II has chosen to open the gardens of Buckingham Palace to the public. This is a historic decision. Thus, the British people and tourists visiting London will be able to picnic in these gardens.

For amateurs, this is not a sterile decision. Do not forget that the Buckingham Palace garden has nearly 325 plants and 30 different bird species as well as a thousand species of trees. In addition, this visit, which starts at £ 16.50 per adult, has not been able to ensure the upkeep of the premises since the start of the Covid-19.

“50 billion dollars in loss”

You should know that the maintenance of royal monuments costs money. Moreover, the maintenance of these monuments revolves around 50 million dollars. Indeed, despite the fact that online sales have increased in recent years, this has in no way helped to fill the shortfall. Remember that the latter is all the more beautiful with $ 37 million for last summer. In all, more than 165 jobs were cut. At the same time, fixed-term contracts have not been renewed at all.

It is in the Royal Collection Trust that the real estate heritage of the royal family has been resembled. Also, no public funds have been allocated to the Royal Collection trust.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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