Elizabeth II shows off her favorite accessory during a public appearance

Elizabeth II has a large collection of fetish accessories that she particularly enjoys wearing in public. On the occasion of the 5th and last day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, she chooses to wear a green coat and a green floral scarf. She accompanied her outfit with a pair of the simplest brown shoes. To top it off, she pulled out her pair of sunglasses.

The last time the Queen was seen wearing these glasses, she was also all smiles. This time around, the 95-year-old Queen “appeared relaxed as she walked through the grounds of Windsor Castle.” Everything suggests that we are far from the time when the monarch spoke of a “period of deep sadness”. Currently, the queen courageously pursues her royal duties although nothing is certain yet for the continuation of the tension between these two grandsons.

“Created in 1943 to raise funds during WWII”

Queen Elizabeth II rarely takes out her pairs of glasses. In addition, she wore them for the first time this year to attend the first day of this event which is very dear to her. She had just finished her week in Scotland that very morning, yet we did not see the shadow of fatigue on her face. Queen Elizabeth II wanted at all costs to attend the opening of this event.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show is currently in its 77th edition. This event, which Queen Elizabeth II is keen to attend every year, was established in 1943 to raise funds during World War II. Even at the height of her 95 years, the queen still enjoys this outdoor horse show with the greatest enthusiasm. Sure enough, according to the Mirror, “this is the UK’s biggest outdoor horse show.”

Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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