Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown aka Mel B couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the registered service letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Melanie Brown, 46, currently lives with her mother in Leeds. “You did something wrong, you received an official letter from the government,” her mother told her with a very worried air, the singer told The Sun. Melanie Brown says she read the letter and was speechless for a long time before bursting into tears. “My mom was there and asked me if everything was okay, but I couldn’t speak for hours, then I burst into tears. I felt so shocked and moved,” she says.

The letter which shocked and moved the very famous singer is a letter announcing to her that she was receiving the MBE. This honorary award is only bestowed by Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, on individuals who have performed outstanding service to the community. For Melanie Brown, one of the singers of the Spice Girls, the award has no connection with her works as an artist within the group. As godmother of the charity Women’s Aid, the ex-wife of producer Stephen Belafonte is recognized for her work with women and men victims of domestic violence. “Receiving this letter telling me that I was receiving the MBE.… It was the first time that I thought I had done something,” she told The Sun. “Not as Spice Girl, but as Melanie Brown – that mixed-race working-class kid from Leeds who always did what she wanted, no matter what,” she added.

Melanie Brown, the singer experienced the ordeal in marriage for 10 years

The victim of a violent and abusive husband herself, Mel B broke her silence in 2018 after divorcing her husband Stephen Belafonte, 46. She said she went through “a horrible abusive marriage that almost killed me” for 10 years. She chose to leave Los Angeles and return to Leeds, then shared her experience in the book Brutally Honest. This book which was published in series by The Sun in 2018 changed the life of the artist who became the godmother of the organization Women’s Aid. “I felt compelled to tell my story and be as honest as possible about what happened in my marriage, which seemed perfect to the outside world,” she says.

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