Elizabeth II refuses an award she had won… Thanks to her age

Thanks but no thanks. In addition to all her titles and her prestigious status as Queen, Elizabeth II has just won a new award that she had asked for no more than her royal position. She was indeed elected “Oldie of the year” by The Oldie magazine, an award she was quick to refuse via a letter from her personal secretary, Tom Laing-Baker, addressed to the magazine concerned. “Her Majesty thinks you’re only as old as you feel. And by that definition, the Queen doesn’t think she meets the magazine’s criteria or is in a position to receive this award which she hopes will be awarded. to a more suitable candidate “.

A response full of humor and mischief which proves that even at 95, Queen Elizabeth II does not consider herself an old lady, far from it, since age is above all in her head. The monthly magazine The Oldie aimed at a rather elderly population describes itself as “a light alternative to the press obsessed with youth and fame”. He is at the origin of an annual competition to be taken lightly to elect the senior citizen of the year and in 2021, it is therefore one of the world’s greatest personalities who has been nominated. Despite her refusal, Queen Elizabeth II still wanted the publication to understand that she appreciates her appointment.

An award won by the Queen and a speech delivered by Camilla

Although Elizabeth II was nominated by The Oldie magazine, it was 74-year-old Duchess of Cornwall Camilla who attended the awards ceremony organized by the magazine and even give it a little speech. In particular, she spoke of the accomplishments recognized by the various awards of The Oldie and the fact that they recognize “remarkable seniors who have made a unique contribution to the history of the world”. Contributing to the history of the world is the least that can be said for Queen Elizabeth II, whether she accepted this award or not.

Queen Elizabeth II © Agency

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