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Elizabeth II: radio, press, animals… Discover the Queen’s morning routine

At 94, Elizabeth II is a very busy woman. In order to be in top form, she has developed a routine that she follows to the letter every morning. At 7:30 am, she is woken up by a member of her staff, who offers her her first cup of Earl Gray tea, with milk, without sugar, served on a silver tray. While she sips her tea, her bedroom radio is tuned to BBC Radio 4 to listen to the political news of the day. Once out of bed, Elizabeth II takes a bath which must be at the same temperature every day. While she was washing, one of her three stylists placed her first outfit of the day in her dressing room. Indeed, depending on her schedule, the queen can change up to five times a day!

According to its boss, Darren McGrady, Prince Philip’s wife generally eats the same thing every day. For her first meal of the day, which is served at exactly 8:30 a.m., the Queen enjoys a new cup of Earl Gray tea (sometimes with a few cookies) with her favorite cereal: Special K. If she’s a little hungrier, Elizabeth II eats scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Every day of the week since taking the throne, she then heads to the terrace of Buckingham Palace at 9:30 a.m. to cut the bagpipes for a quarter of an hour. In her office, Elizabeth II spends two hours reading the morning papers, prepared by her press officer. Since the start of the pandemic, she has been particularly interested in the progression of the pandemic and then participates in video calls with various charities and organizations.

A special moment with his animals

Like many people around the world throughout the pandemic, Elizabeth II found solace in her beloved animals, including her last living dorgi (a crossed corgi and dachshund), Candy. Every morning, she continues to go without her stables to spend time with her horses. A Daily Mail source said, “She’s peaceful when she’s with horses.” In order to adopt the morning routine of the Queen of England, you know what you have to do!

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