She is delighted. The Christmas holidays are a little upset for Elizabeth II. Indeed, the sovereign had to modify her entire program, because of the Covid-19 epidemic. While the bad news has been chaining for several days, the Queen of England can however count on the presence of two very important people in her eyes, as indicated by Rebecca English this Thursday, December 23. “This has just been confirmed. The Prince of Wales, Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, will be present alongside the Queen on Christmas Day,” she first wrote. Subsequently, she clarified that there is however “no confirmation from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge concerning their presence”. Kate Middleton and Prince William recently assured to have canceled all their plans to be alongside Elizabeth II during these few days. If the journalist says that their presence has not been confirmed, there is no doubt that the sovereign will be delighted to spend the holidays with her son. As a reminder, this is her first Christmas without her husband, Prince Philip, who died last April.

She wasn’t expecting it. If Elizabeth II can count on the presence of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, she learned a sad news this Wednesday, December 22. As the Daily Mail reported, Princess Anne will not be able to spend the holidays with her mother. Indeed, her husband Timothy Laurence contracted Covid-19 and must therefore isolate himself to avoid contaminating his relatives. The media then explained that he is currently in solitary confinement at Gatcombe Park, the country house where he resides with the daughter of the Queen of England. A blow for the Queen of England who had already had to modify her plans a few days ago, as a precaution. With the arrival of the Omicron variant, Elizabeth II, who is at risk since she is 95 years old, made the decision not to go to her estate in Sandringham in Norfolk as she does every year. She also had to cancel her traditional pre-Christmas lunch, where she planned to gather 50 members of her large family at Windsor Castle on December 21.

Elizabeth II: will she be able to count on the presence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

While cancellations are linked for Elizabeth II, it seems that she can count on the presence, even from a distance, of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Both have lived in the United States since they left the royal family in 2020 but they could however celebrate New Year’s Eve by videoconference with the sovereign. Information revealed by Stewart Peace, the former vocal coach of Lady Diana. “They will be very excited to share their Christmas in Los Angeles and participate in that of Sandringham,” he said. An important call that should make Elizabeth II smile again.

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