Bad news across the Channel: Buckingham Palace has announced that Elizabeth II has tested positive for Covid-19. The queen would be suffering from “mild symptoms of a cold”, specified the press release as reported by the journalist of the Daily Mail, Rebecca English, on her Twitter account. Elizabeth II was recently in contact with her son, Prince Charles, who tested positive for coronavirus on February 10. Placed under surveillance, the queen had therefore carried out several tests. But after the appearance of the first symptoms, comparable to a cold, the doctors of the Court feared that she had also been infected with the virus. Yet another test has confirmed these doubts.

Little affected by the disease, Elizabeth II should continue “her light duties in Windsor during the coming week”, relayed the journalist. And to add: “She will continue to receive medical care and will follow all the directives given by the doctors.” The 95-year-old queen will no doubt be the subject of special attention from her doctors.

This is the second time that the son of Elizabeth II has contracted Covid-19

While several members have been affected by the coronavirus since the start of the epidemic, Elizabeth II had so far escaped contamination. For Prince Charle, placed in solitary confinement since February 10, this is the second time he has contracted Covid-19. By March 2020, he had developed mild symptoms. He had then spent seven days in solitary confinement at his home in Birkhall in Scotland before returning to his duties. The father of Princes William and Harry recovered easily: “I was lucky and I got through it pretty well. But I got it, so I can understand what others have crossed,” he confided.

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