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Elizabeth II: one of her cousins ​​faces prison after sexual assault

Great-grandnephew of Elizabeth II, Simon Bowes-Lyon is accused of having sexually assaulted one of the guests of an event held in his castle on February 13, 2020. While the latter admitted the facts before Dundee-Crown Court, and was released on parole and entered into the sex offender registry, Deputy Attorney General Lynne Mannion recounted the facts: “She was asleep and was woken up by knocking on the door. “It’s Sam. It’s important. Please let me in.” She thought something was wrong so she got up. It was dark. The second she opened the door, he pushed her onto the bed. He was very drunk and smelled like cigarettes. Said he wanted to have an affair. He grabbed her chest and nipple very hard. He tried to pull up his nightgown. “

Continuing the account of this assault, the deputy attorney general continued: “She went to the bathroom to escape, but the accused followed her, prevented her from closing the door and lit a cigarette. . She snuck in and went back to the bedroom. He pushed her against the wall and grabbed her nipple again, so hard it still hurt the next day. He grabbed her butt and her vagina. Her. raised her voice in the hope that another guest would hear her. She panicked because she didn’t know the layout of the castle. ” Simon Bowes-Lyon then allegedly said to the woman: “I’m going to fuck you.” Finally, Lynne Mannion clarified: “He got into bed and started to climb on her. She had to keep pushing him. He told her she needed to ‘fuck’. She told him to ‘go’ fuck yourself ‘. “

“Alcohol is no excuse for my driving”

In an apology email, Elizabeth II’s distant cousin admitted his wrongs, writing: “I’m really ashamed of my behavior, which has caused great distress to a guest in my home. I clearly had drank too much the night of the incident (…) I agree, in any case, that alcohol is no excuse for my behavior. I was totally unaware that I could behave in this way, but I had to take it on and take responsibility. My apologies go first and foremost to the woman concerned, but I would also like to apologize to my family, friends and colleagues for the pain I have caused them. “

Elizabeth II © Agency

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