Elizabeth II: more or less funny private letters unveiled

A more intimate glimpse into the life of the royal family has been given to the general public. Indeed, intimate letters between Queen Elizabeth II and Michael Farebrother, a former Grenadier Guard have been unveiled to the general public. Moreover, these letters were put up for sale for 80,000 pounds sterling, or approximately 93,590 euros. The queen was in correspondence with the former Grenadier Guard according to Express.com. Michael Farebrother patrolled Windsor Castle before becoming Prince Charles’ tutor afterwards. These letters therefore follow the sharing of exclusive photos of the royal family last October on the Daily Mail website.

This correspondence lasted 40 years and deals with several worldly subjects. Music, the death of a family member, certain thoughts … some subjects are more or less funny. “We were delighted to receive the message of congratulations and good wishes you sent from you and the boys at your school,” Queen Elizabeth II wrote in a letter from November 1948. This referred to the birth of Prince Charles. “The baby is very sweet, and we are extremely proud of him,” she added.

Queen Elizabeth II of England, intimate letters and photos

The letters sometimes came with photos that Michael Farebrother had carefully kept from the 1950s. A total of 26 royal photographs accompanied the letters. Besides family members, pets were also photographed. “I only regret that the camera (who’s not lying?) Makes my dear Betsy look a lot more like a camel than a horse, which I am always told and never believe!”, had written the Queen in a letter of February 10, 1957.

“It was really kind of you to send me the photographs you took in Sandringham which I am so glad to have,” the Queen added. These letters are so many memories that the Queen has kept over the years.

Queen Elisabeth II of England © AGENCE

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