Rest ? Yes. Stop working ? Surely not. Forced to ease off after being hospitalized overnight, Elizabeth II reluctantly had to cancel her visit to the Cop26 held in Glasgow in a few days. But no question for His Majesty to twiddle his thumbs. From Windsor Castle, she made a surprise appearance this Thursday, October 28. Radiant in a floral dress, the queen chatted, virtually, with David Constantine to whom she awarded the Gold Medal for Poetry. “I’m very happy to have had the chance to see you even virtually this morning,” even joked Elizabeth II, who had to learn to manage new technologies during the various confinements. A few days ago, it was already in video that she had been able to discuss with three ambassadors.

And if Elizabeth II seems to be back on her feet, Her Majesty’s health is worrying across the Channel. Hospitalized for preliminary tests a few days ago, the 95-year-old monarch must follow doctors’ recommendations and take it easy. According to experts at the Crown, there will also be a “reassessment and perhaps a slight change of speed in the type of work the Queen does”. This is also why he was not advised to go to Glasgow, to participate in the Cop26. Palace sources insisted the move was simply “reasonable precaution” in light of her doctor’s advice. His Majesty also intends to record a message that will be broadcast during the ceremony, in which princes Charles and William will participate.

Elizabeth II had a very busy month

“Following a notice advising her to rest, the Queen is performing light chores at Windsor Castle,” a statement read. Her Majesty reluctantly decided not to travel to Glasgow to attend the reception. of COP26 on Monday, November 1. ” It must be said that since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, last June, Elizabeth II did not spare herself. Quite the contrary, since she participated in no less than 120 engagements, including 19 in October. “Broken”, according to Palace sources, the queen therefore needs a rest. In order not to tire her more than necessary, her assistants will have to lighten her schedule, “at least until Christmas” according to the Mirror. Those close to her must now take a “cautious approach” when drafting the Queen’s agenda.

Elizabeth II © AGENCY

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