Elizabeth II makes a splash in a mint blue look for her big return to social life

Having been unable to attend any race for 2 years since the pandemic, it is with great joy that she arrives with great fanfare in Ascot. Queen Elizabeth II finally walks the floors of the racecourse … with her most radiant smiles. The Royal Ascot is one of the events where members of the monarchy are expected in their best clothes. Queen Elizabeth II did not fail in tradition by adopting a radiant mint blue look. We could see her with a big smile next to the racing director John Warren and his companion, Lady Susan Hussey.

For the occasion, Queen Elizabeth II is dressed in a long mint blue coat that arrives just below the knees. The jacket has flaps on the sides under which are created pretty pleats. To decorate her jacket, Elizabeth opted for her pretty fetish brooch in the shape of a palm leaf. To complete her outfit, the queen sported a beautiful pearl necklace and similar earrings. Finally, she had on her head this little mint blue hat decorated with a large bow made up of false flowers of red and pink roses accompanied by 5 leaves.

“Unfortunately, Reach For The Moon was passed near the finish line”

Very fond of horse racing, Elizabeth II had a few horses on the track this June 19. Reach For The Moon nearly won the race, but was “passed near the finish line, finishing second in the race”. Unlike her, the Queen’s horses didn’t really shine during the other early days of racing. “On Tuesday the Queen’s horse King’s Lynn raced in the King’s Stand Stakes and finished 7th.” For the date of June 19, Tactical and Light Refrain could not finish in the first name ranks anymore.

Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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