When members of the royal family appear in public, they must follow strict rules. The protocols concern behavior and gestures as well as the dress code. Thus, the protocol misstep of Cambridge at the premiere of James Bond was immediately noticed. Likewise, according to strict protocol, the outfits of the Queen of England, 95, must always be showy so as to be easily spotted. Among many others, family members cannot wear either fur or neckline. Even the way to put on make-up and hair must be done in a way that respects the protocol.

Wearing gloves is also part of the protocol, especially for Queen Elizabeth II. During important public events, the Queen of England has a habit of wearing white or black gloves. Gloves go perfectly with its outfit that we forget their primary function. Her Majesty often has to shake a lot of hands during these events. It is especially to protect herself from bacteria that she has to put on gloves. “The material of the gloves helps kill germs,” ​​says the Daily Mail. However, the gloves of Prince Charles’ mother are so well chosen that they have inevitably become essential aesthetic accessories.

The women of the royal family get their gloves from a single glove maker

This is not a strict protocol, but Elizabeth II, Lady Di, or Kate Middleton wear gloves from the same manufacturer. “Since 1947, the widow of Prince Philip always buys in the same place: Cornelia James”, confirms the magazine Gala. “Elizabeth II transmitted her little secret to Kate Middleton since the latter buys at the same glove store”, continues Gala. The same goes for Princess Diana who, during her lifetime, ordered gloves from Cornelia James.

Queen Elisabeth II of England © AGENCE

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