Queen Elizabeth II of England traveled to Scotland for Holyrood Week.
On June 29, 2022, Elizabeth II of England, 96, received the First Minister of Scotland.
Queen Elizabeth II of England was treated to a very ironic gift that made the web laugh.

The 96-year-old Queen, Elizabeth II of England, received Mrs Nicola Sturgeon at the Palace of Holyroodhouse on Wednesday June 29, 2022. For the occasion, Mrs Sturgeon visited the Palace with a small, ironic gift. The First Minister and Chair of the Scottish Independence Party presented Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England with a special edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky. Critics from Scottish Twitter users were quick to pour in. According to the Daily Mail, this special edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey is worth £150.

Some Internet users felt that this gift is not up to the standards of Queen Elizabeth II of England. They argue that there are excellent brands of more adequate drinks. “Why did Sturgeon present the HMTQ with a generic Johnnie Walker/Diageo whisky? Was there some kind of undeclared incitement, because the Queen knows her stuff and it’s not the best in Scotland “said one user. “Blue label is fine, but there are great scotches that are better suited for a queen,” another remarked. “What? No Buckfast?” quipped another. The Daily Mail recalls that Buckfast is the very infamous wine associated with drunkenness and violence in Scotland.

Ironic gift and disrespect to Queen Elizabeth II of England

The Scottish First Minister has come under fire for disrespecting England’s 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. His meeting with Elizabeth II took place on the afternoon of June 29. Earlier in the morning, Ms Sturgeon called for a second referendum on Scottish independence. The day before, she announced her intention to organize the Indyref2 referendum on October 19 next year. “Nicola Sturgeon has shown how much she hates the English. She makes an announcement on Indyref2 on the same day the Queen is in Edinburgh. Shameful disrespect,” one user tweeted.

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