Elizabeth II is in mourning. It has now been two days since one of her friends and closest collaborators, the Duchess of Grafton, died. The latter would have been 102 years old on February 24. Fortune FitzRoy had served the Queen of England since 1953, nearly six decades. Over the years, the latter rose through the ranks of the court, until becoming Mistress of the Queen’s Wardrobe in 1967. She has always been by her side since the beginning of her reign. So, inevitably, Elizabeth II is touched in the heart.

Unknown to the general public, Ann Fortune Smith was born on February 24, 1920. Heir to the banks of the same name founded by one of her ancestors in the 17th century, she married Hugh FitzRoy, the son of the Earl of Euston in 1946 with whom she had five children. Now a countess, she joined the court of Queen Elizabeth by becoming Lady of the Chamber, before rising to a new level and obtaining the title of Mistress of the Wardrobe. Her husband, who died in 2011, left the title of Duke of Grafton to his eldest son, Hugh.

Elizabeth II consumed with grief

Very close to the Queen, Elizabeth II is even the godmother of one of her daughters, Lady Virginia FitzRoy. This great friend became Lady Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 1980. The Knights of the Order are either members of the Royal Family or civilians who served in the latter. Suffice to say that the death of the Duchess of Grafton has put the Queen in terrible grief, she who absolutely does not need this at the moment.

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