Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, is not in very good shape at the moment. Health problems which are easily linked to his absence from his royal commitments. Speaking to GB News, Christopher Biggins says the mother of Prince Charles, 73, Princess Anne, 71, and Prince Andrew, 62, called off their engagements because she’s so proud. According to the insider, Queen Elizabeth II of England doesn’t want to be seen wrestling. “It’s very sad and I hope she can attend her birthday celebrations,” he told GB News. “I heard the reason she doesn’t do a lot of the events she should do and cancels them is because she’s in a wheelchair,” he added. “She doesn’t want to be seen because she’s very proud,” the insider concludes.

A statement that follows some leaked information. Indeed, Buckingham Palace would have put in place a more than meticulous plan to take the monarch to the memorial service of Prince Philip, according to the Daily Mail. This operation would include transporting Her Majesty by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace. It also includes transport by car as well as the use of a private screen to protect the queen from photographers, according to the media.

Queen Elizabeth II of England does not want to have the same image as her sister

A source at the Mail on Sunday said Prince Charles’ mother did not want to be seen in public in a wheelchair. The thing is, Queen Elizabeth II of England doesn’t want to look the same as her late sister, Princess Margaret. Moreover, the monarch has not completely stopped honoring her royal commitments. Indeed, Elizabeth II willingly honors short engagements such as private audiences at Windsor Castle.

Also remember that Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, was not present at the annual Commonwealth Day ceremony at Westminster Abbey. An event that took place on Monday, March 14th. The sovereign had also used a cane to attend a number of public engagements. Only, Queen Elizabeth II has never been seen in a wheelchair so far.

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