An individual armed with a crossbow had entered near the apartments of Elizabeth II on December 25, 2021.
The 21-year-old man pleaded guilty to the offense and attempted murder.
The young man intended to kill Elizabeth to avenge the Indian victims of the British Empire.

This Friday, Jaswant Singh Chail had an appointment with the courts to answer for an offense at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day 2021. The 21-year-old admits having “deliberately produced or possessed a loaded crossbow with the intention of use it to injure the person of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, or to injure her Majesty”. The accused also pleaded guilty to uttering death threats and illegally possessing a weapon. No need to go through a trial to decide his fate. The judge will announce his sentence on March 31.

The police have surely not forgotten the chilling words of Jaswant Singh Chail during his arrest. “I am here to kill the queen”, had launched with cold blood the barely major teenager at the time of the facts. Before approaching the royal apartments, the accused would have sent a video message to about twenty people, explaining that he wanted to avenge the Indian victims of the British Empire. Jaswant Singh Chail was in breach of Section 2 of the Treason Act which punishes any attempt to “injure or harm Her Majesty”. A certain Marcus Sarjeant had also passed under the law after firing several blank shots at Elizabeth II in 1981. He had been sentenced to three years in prison.

This death that would have left Elizabeth II unmoved

Was Elizabeth II as moved by the attempted assassination of Jaswant Singh Chail as by the death of Lady Diana? The sudden disappearance of the Princess of Wales would have left the Queen indifferent according to the British press. A viral rumor that Harry tackles head-on in his memoir published last month. “I remember one headline in particular, directly addressed to Grandmother: ‘Show us that it touches you’, notes the grandson of Elizabeth II. Beautiful irony on the part of these monsters, those- the same people who were so ‘affected’ by Mum’s fate, that they had chased her into a tunnel from which she never came out.” When we attack the queen, her grandson strikes back!

Elizabeth II: "I am here to kill...", the chilling confessions of the man who approached his apartments

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