Elizabeth II sees red. On Friday, September 3, the Queen and her cabinet were far from expecting to find out that political website Politico had unveiled plans for her hitherto kept secret. An operation called London Bridge, and a finely worked out plan, the leak of which has “deeply frustrated” officials of the royal palace, who are now seeking its origin, reports The Mirror. And Elizabeth II intends to put the means to find the culprit. Indeed, the tabloid specifies that the leak, presumed to come from Whitehall, the traditional seat of the government of the United Kingdom, could lead to an official investigation of the government.

While Simon Case, who previously worked for Prince William, is not expected to make a decision on a formal investigation until next week, “neither the Palace nor the government are particularly happy when leaks of this nature occur,” reports one source at The Mirror. A blow in particular for Boris Johnson, who will surely be questioned by Elizabeth II herself, he who is preparing to spend a few days at Balmoral for the traditional visit of the Prime Minister to Scotland.

What details of this plan have been unveiled?

If we already knew some details of the plan to announce the death of Elizabeth II, including the fact that the Prime Minister would be alerted by a phone call from an official telling him ‘London Bridge is down’ or that the official announcement is to be made through a Flash Press Association, Politico has unveiled details of the sovereign’s funeral. Thus, we learn that the national funeral of the queen will take place 10 days after her death and will be a “national day of mourning”. In particular, there will be a church service in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and the Queen will be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel. Information, the disclosure of which has aroused the anger of palace officials, indignant that these sensitive and deeply intimate details so far known only to a select group of government officials and specialist journalists, is now revealed.

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