Elizabeth II: how the Queen secretly put pressure on Scottish ministers

Is Elizabeth II trying to get around the law? Concerned about climate change, Scotland decided several days ago to react by passing a law to encourage landowners to adopt greener energy, especially with regard to heating methods. Instead of using boilers powered by fossil fuels to heat homes and buildings, this law would advocate the use of pipelines using renewable energy. Small flat: Elizabeth II wishes to be exempted from this measure for the many homes she owns there.

One of the largest landowners in Scotland, the Queen would indeed have had many discussions with the ministers behind this measure, to whom she put pressure on them in order to be exempted from this project of law, she whose lawyers have voiced their “concerns” about such changes to her homes, reports The Guardian. Thus, the British daily reports for five months, they battled before obtaining the dispensation from the Scottish government by exploiting an obscure parliamentary procedure known as “the consent of the queen”, which gives Elizabeth II an early view of legislation. A procedure which would not however be so new for the queen.

Did Elizabeth II ever use “the queen’s consent”?

In a series of reports on the Queen’s consent over the past few months, The Guardian has revealed how Elizabeth II has repeatedly used her privileged access to bills to pressure ministers to change UK law for the benefit of his private interests, or reflect his opinions, between the end of the 1960s and the 1980s. A revelation that might not please the Scots, who have been demanding for several months a new referendum to obtain their independence, more than ever accentuated since Brexit. And the Queen’s ‘Holyrood Week’, in other words her Scottish Official Commitment Week, might not change that sentiment much.

Elizabeth II © AGENCY

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