Against all odds, Prince Andrew is not banned from the royal family. After a complaint was filed against him for sexual assault, the Duke of York spent the last few months proclaiming his innocence, before reaching an agreement with Virginia Roberts, his alleged victim. Meanwhile, the son of Elizabeth II was deprived of his patronage, military rewards, and obliged to pay several thousand pounds to the complainant to avoid a trial. And if it was said in disgrace within the monarchy, it is not so. Discreet and absent from official ceremonies since the filing of the complaint last August, he made his big comeback to the front of the monarchy on March 29.

Present for the tribute to Prince Philip made in Westminster Abbey in London, it was alongside Elizabeth II that Prince Andrew appeared, arriving with her in the royal car before walking alongside her in the abbey. Installed in the front row, this highlighting somewhat dismayed Prince Charles and William, who were counting on the Duke’s “common sense” not to attract all eyes. But that was without counting on the queen herself, who reminded her eldest son and her grandson that it was her “wish and her final decision”, reports the Daily Mail. A way, indirect, to approve the return of prince Andrew to the center of the family, despite charges which, despite an agreement made with the alleged victim, have not been judged or even withdrawn.

Prince Andrew present for the jubilee festivities?

Despite the scandal that still surrounds the Duke of York, Elizabeth II does not seem to want to take her son away from her. “It was his way of showing quietly, ‘OK, he really fucked up, it was a shame, but he’s my son'”, thus specified Jennie Bond. “It’s one thing to agree to him attending his father’s memorial service, it’s quite another to then give him a fairly prominent role, so it was an active choice,” she said. . We should therefore expect to see him again present at his side during the festivities of his platinum jubilee, which will take place next June.

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