An exceptional monarch, who has been on the throne of England since 1953, Her Majesty Elizabeth II is also a big fan of animals. While she is a renowned horse breeder, the monarch also cultivates a love for dogs and especially corgis. A story that began in 1944 when she received a corgi named Susan from her parents, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and King George VI. The coup de foure was instantaneous for the one who was celebrating her 18th birthday. After World War II, during which she did not hesitate to get her hands dirty as a mechanic, the sovereign adopted around thirty of these doggies over the years. Quadrupeds who have become true mascots of the monarchy, since they never leave the Queen.

Her Majesty Elizabeth II is said to have even had up to 13 corgis by her side. Attached to her faithful companions, Prince Philip’s wife was therefore branded with a hot iron by the disappearance of one of them. Indeed, in October 2018, the Queen said goodbye to Whisper, adopted two years earlier on the death of her master, Bill Fenwick, the former ranger of Sandringham. The canine breathed its last at the age of 12 in Buckingham Palace, shortly after Willow, the last descendant of Susan, the 94-year-old monarch’s very first corgi. If she is still surrounded by her two other dogs, Candy and Vulcan, Prince Charles’ mother has preferred to refrain from adopting new doggies after Whisper. The reason ? She does not want to leave bereaved young dogs behind.

73 years of marriage to Prince Philip

There is no doubt that her last two corgis are also the delight of her husband, he who married Her Majesty Elizabeth II three years after the adoption of her first dog. This Friday, November 20, Prince Philip and the Queen of England – who were considerably brought together by the first confinement – indeed celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. On occasion, the Duke of Edinburgh has left Sandringham, where he took refuge after retiring from public life, to join His Royal Highness at Windsor Castle. Their second confinement therefore takes place within this historic residence.

Animal lover © DANIEL ANGELI

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