It is a letter that she certainly did not expect to receive. Katelyn Sutherland, an American native of Kentucky had the joy of discovering in her mailbox a letter written in the name of Queen Elizabeth II. Written by a lady companion of the monarch, this letter was sent to her thanking her for the photo of her daughter disguised as Elizabeth II that she had sent a few weeks earlier.

For Haloween, Katelyn Sutherland dressed up her 1 year old baby girl, Jalayne. The latter is a fan of her two corgis, which gave her mother the idea to disguise her as Elizabeth II. She gave her child a wig and put on a blue outfit, matched with a blue hat, and added the finishing touch with a pearl necklace and a handbag. Katelyn Sutherland then took a picture of her little girl and sent her to Buckingham Palace.

Elizabeth II “touched” by the photo of the little girl

And during the month of December, the mother of the family had a very nice surprise when she found out that she had received an official response from Windsor Castle, as reported by The Sun. The letter is written by Lady Mary Morrison, one of Queen Elizabeth’s companions. “The Queen wishes that I write to you and that I thank you for your letter and for the photo which you have carefully attached”, one can read. “Her Majesty was touched by your letter, and the Queen was delighted to see the picture of your daughter, Jalayne, in her splendid outfit. Her Majesty hopes you are all having a very Merry Christmas, and I have attached some information about them. royal pets, which Jalayne might like to have, “the letter continued, dated December 9, 2021. The girl did not fail to pose afterwards with the response letter in her hands. A nice attention.

Elizabeth II © AGENCY

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