A friend of Prince Philip is about to publish a book on the last months of Elizabeth II
The book promises to be full of revelation
The author talks about Harry and Meghan’s decision to name their daughter Lilibet

The revelations about the royal family will rain down with the publication of many books on the lives of those who have fascinated the United Kingdom for decades. Although Prince Harry’s memoirs – dubbed ‘Spare’ or ‘The Alternate’ – aren’t due out until January 10, 2023, another tome should soon come to satisfy curious minds about the royal family. Author Gyles Brandreth, also a close friend of Prince Philip, is about to release his own book. Entitled “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portait” or “Elizabeth: Intimate Portrait”, this publication will return to certain aspects of Queen Elizabeth II unknown to the public, but also to the last months of her life, shortly before her death which shocked the world. full on September 8, 2022.

Gyles Brandreth’s book also looks at a subject that had already caused many of them to leak at the time: the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter. The latter, in order to pay homage to the queen to whom the Duke of Sussex was very close, had decided to baptize their daughter Lilibet. This is indeed the nickname given to Elizabeth II by her father who was king before her, George V, but also by her husband, who died on April 9, 2021. If some might have thought that the queen was going to be offended by the Using an intimate nickname to name their child, Gyles Brandreth’s book reveals that is not the case at all. The author explains that when she learned that Meghan and Harry were going to name their daughter Lilibet in her honor, Queen Elizabeth II was very touched and realized that it was an “obvious compliment “. A compliment that takes on even more meaning now that the queen is dead.

Queen Elizabeth II dead of cancer?

The book which is also interested in his last months makes another shocking revelation, obviously to be taken with a grain of salt like many works of this kind. According to Prince Philip’s friend, the queen would have indeed suffered from bone marrow cancer in the last months of her life, cancer at the origin of her weight loss and her fatigue and which would have ended up be fatal to him. Officially, the cause of Queen Elizabeth’s death is old age. She is indeed dead in her bed, in her castle of Balmoral in Scotland. Following this tragedy, it is now his son who took his place on the throne. King Charles III has also been hit by a whole different kind of tragedy lately, with the death announced on November 23 by the Mirror of dozens of swans he has cared for for years.

Elizabeth II: her real reaction when she learned that Harry had named her daughter Lilibet

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