Next year, Queen Elizabeth II will be the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. A celebration deserved after his 70 years of service. To mark the occasion, Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family are planning to travel across the country. They will participate in countless events throughout the year. However, it will not be easy for the Queen who will have to deal with further damaging revelations.

A new biography of Tina Brown, former Vanity Fair editor, is due out in April. Recall that Ms. Bronw is the author of The Diana Chronicles. She will therefore also be the fine pen of the future The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil.

“It is above all the story of the survival of a family in which the preeminence of duty is in constant tension with the very human desires of love, ambition and escape. Writing it has been a journey. fascinating, ”Ms. Brown said. “The Palace Papers is a tour de force in every sense of the word – the most insightful, enjoyable, and substantive tale I have read about the royal family. Only Tina Brown could write it, with her sources. impeccable and in-depth knowledge of the institution, ”adds Century Publishing Director Ben Brusey.

“The Palace Papers will make a rich contribution to the public debate”

The content of the book will focus on the 25 years that have passed since the death of Princess Diana. It should also be seen as the alleged loosening of the Queen’s grip on the cabinet. Of course, the departure of the Sussexes from the royal family will also be there. “The book promises to explore the tensions between Prince William and his younger brother, Harry,” according to the Times.

The book’s revelations will also look into Prince Andrew’s abuse allegations. The subject of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the sex offender, should also be mentioned there.

Queen Elisabeth II of England © Agency

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