The festivities of the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II of England ended on June 5, 2022.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, was absent from various events during her Platinum Jubilee.
According to a royal expert, Elizabeth II of England will be even more absent than before.
The royal family is ready to do anything to preserve the dignity of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The four-day celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II of England was memorable. The Jubilee has ended since June 5, 2022. The 96-year-old queen was conspicuous by her absence. Many will also remember his brief appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The surprises Her Majesty bestowed on her subjects will also be remembered. The absence of Queen Elizabeth II of England from most of her Jubilee events is explained by her mobility problems. Howard Hodgson, a royal commentator, revealed to that Queen Elizabeth II is going to be even more discreet after her Jubilee.

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During the celebration of her 70 years of reign, Elizabeth II did not attend many key events. recalls that the mother of Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew “reluctantly withdrew from the Epsom Derby on Saturday” June 4, 2022. Yet it is believed to be one of his favorite events of the year. Earlier towards the start of the year, the grandmother of Princes William and Harry also had to give up attending the official opening of Parliament. According to, it has also been announced that Queen Elizabeth II of England will be absent from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July 2022. Prince Charles is expected to take the place of the Queen of England .

Elizabeth II of England: because of her “mental and physical fragility”, we will no longer see the queen too much

In Mr. Hodgson’s words, “When you hit 96, nothing works as well as it once did.” The royal commentator and author of ‘Charles – The Man Who Will Be King’ thinks we won’t be seeing much of Queen Elizabeth II anymore. “I think [the royal family] will make sure we don’t see her too much,” he told, before continuing “I think she has the right to live the last years of his life with as much dignity as possible – I think that’s what will happen”.

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