She was ahead of everyone. On January 20, Queen Elisabeth II was the first to share her birthday wishes for her daughter-in-law Sophie of Wessex, who was celebrating her 56th birthday. A tender message to Prince Edward’s wife was posted on the Royal Family’s official Instagram account: “I wish the Countess of Wessex a very happy birthday today!” in caption of a photo of the one who married the youngest of the queen. If she would certainly enjoy celebrating her birthday by reuniting the whole family, Sophie of Wessex had to be content with celebrations in small committee, health crisis requires. The Daily Mail, the Countess is said to have spent the day with her immediate family namely her husband and their two children Lady Louise Windsor, 17, and James Viscount Severn, 13, at their home in Bagshot Park, where they also have celebrated Christmas.

Last year when the coronavirus pandemic was not yet raging around the world, Sophie from Wessex spent her birthday in the company of Kate Middleton and Prince William at a summit between the United Kingdom and Africa organized at Buckingham Palace.

Sophie of Wessex, favorite of Elizabeth II?

Elisabeth II has never hidden her sympathy for Sophie of Wessex, whom many qualify as one of her majesty’s favorites. So, when Prince Philip’s wife had to find a replacement for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after the Megxit, it was quite naturally to her stepdaughter, Sophie of Wessex that she turned. The couple formed by the latter and Prince Edward then began to be more and more highlighted within the royal family, but also to take over the royal engagements abandoned by the Sussexes. A boon for the monarch who “adores” Sophie of Wessex, a “hardworking and relentless” woman, according to royal expert Angela Levin. Very close, the two women have an almost family relationship. Moreover, during one of her speeches, Sophie of Wessex addressed the queen by calling her “mom”.

Queen Elisabeth II and Sophie of Wessex © EXPRESS SYNDICATION

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