Elizabeth II had given her approval for the first names of Prince William’s children

Royal experts tell the Mirror that Queen Elizabeth II is filtering all the names of the royal family’s unborn babies. It is therefore the monarch who necessarily gives his feelings on each first name. This is all the more true for those closest to the throne. It would, however, give more freedom to people who move away from it. Prince William therefore needed express permission for his children’s first names. Which was not the case for Harry and Meghan. This is why the names of the children of Cambridge, George, Charlotte and Louis have a traditional character. On the other side of the table, the names chosen for the children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not historic.

“William had to get his grandmother’s ‘express permission’ when Prince George, who is third in the order of accession to the throne behind his father and grandfather Prince Charles, was born in 2013,” reports the Daily Mail. “It was done in a one-on-one conversation and the Queen was ‘happy’ to approve, as George was her father’s name,” according to the Daily Mail.

“The couple would not have used Lilibet’s name”

Queen Elizabeth II is said to be much more lax with Prince Harry and his cousins. Those members who are further from the throne would have the privilege of not necessarily choosing traditional names for their children. Something that we understand with Harry and Meghan who chose Archie as the first name for their first child, born in 2019.

As for the Sussexes’ second child, the couple chose Lili Diana. A double tribute for the Queen and Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. Lilibet being the family nickname of Queen Elizabeth II. Sources also told Mirror Editor Russell Myers that Harry had previously confided in his desire to give his grandmother’s first name to his daughter. This long before his meeting with Meghan Markle. In addition, a Sussex spokesperson claims that “the couple would not have used Lilibet’s name if the Queen had not supported him”.

Queen Elisabeth II © Backgrid UK

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