The state of health of Elizabeth II worries a lot since she is 95 years old. In recent months, the sovereign has chained cancellations and Buckingham Palace had indicated that she had spent a night in the hospital last October. Something to worry the royal family but also the British. This Wednesday, February 16, she made her first public appearance and, for the occasion, she received Major General Eldon Millar, in charge of liaison between the Queen and the armed forces, and his predecessor, Rear Admiral James Macleod , at Windsor Castle, his main place of residence. A video of this meeting was shared on social networks and we can see Elizabeth II welcoming them, standing, smiling, with a patterned dress and a cane in her hands. At first glance, the queen seems to be doing very well, but she nevertheless clarified to her guests: “As you can see, I cannot move”. Words that did not go unnoticed. According to the British agency PA, the Queen of England is suffering from a “slight stiffness”, which does not seem to worry her or the royal family much. This new appearance is also a way to reassure the British since, despite her stiffness, Elizabeth II kept her commitment.

She is being watched. In recent months, the appearances of the Queen of England have become very rare. His state of health was the main concern of the royal family but also of the British. However, the palace recently announced that the sovereign will resume her public activities. Indeed, there will be a ceremony at Westminster Abbey on March 29 and Elizabeth II will not miss it for the world. It is a tribute to the memory of Prince Philip, her husband, who died in April 2020. Before that, a diplomatic meeting should take place in Windsor on March 2 and the Queen has confirmed his presence. The same for March 14, for the Commonwealth ceremony. Lately, Elizabeth II gave them a new fright since Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Charles tested positive for Covid, for the second time since the start of the pandemic. He had been in contact with his mother only 48 hours earlier and Elizabeth II was therefore placed under surveillance, as Rebecca English had indicated. However, the entourage of the sovereign had affirmed that she had “no symptoms” without specifying whether she had carried out a PCR test and whether it was positive or negative. This new appearance is therefore rather reassuring.

Elizabeth II: when will her Platinum Jubilee take place?

2022 marks the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. She succeeded her father, George VI, on February 6, 1952, at the age of 25. Since her coronation in 1953, Prince Philip’s widow has represented the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Now 95, she has no plans to pass the torch and announced last November that she would be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee from Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5. An event eagerly awaited by the British but also by the royal family.

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