Elizabeth II forced to deny claims embarrassing to royal family

Recently, the royal family has had a boost of interest in the breed. A situation in which one of the common threads was Meghan Markle. Recall that almost 2 months ago, she made a shocking statement to Oprah Winfrey. Statement which concerned “concerns and conversations on the part of those close to her husband Prince Harry – which he said did not include the Queen or her late husband Prince Philip – about the color of her skin. their first baby “. Allegations against the royal family add fuel to the fire. Allegations that members of ethnic minorities and foreigners are prohibited from occupying certain posts in the royal household of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is the Guardian, this Wednesday, June 2, which reports certain damning documents in the national archives of the government. The queen’s courtiers reportedly prohibited immigrants or foreigners of color from occupying an office in the royal household until at least the late 1960s. The only remaining alternative being to work as a domestic worker.

“The royal house and the sovereign comply with the provisions of the Equality Act”

Following the Guardian’s report, Buckingham Palace has made an official statement to E! News. “Claims based on a second-hand account of conversations dating back over 50 years should not be used to draw or infer conclusions about current events or operations,” it read.

The British newspaper’s documents also report other facts involving negotiations between Buckingham Palace and government officials in the 1970s. There is talk of clauses prohibiting employees from suing the crown for alleged discrimination at work. “The Royal Household and the Sovereign comply with the provisions of the Equality Act in principle and in practice. This is reflected in the policies, procedures and practices of diversity, inclusion and dignity at work within the royal house Any complaint that may be raised under the law follows a formal process which provides a means to hear and remedy any complaint, “Buckingham Palace said.

Queen Elisabeth II of England © AGENCE

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