Elizabeth II: for her first speech after the death of Prince Philip, the queen abandons her ceremonial dress

His first official outing since Prince Philip’s funeral. This Tuesday, May 11, Queen Elizabeth II solemnly opened the 67th parliamentary session by reading a speech written by Boris Johnson. Its objective is to present the general policy of the country. If the monarch used to be accompanied by her faithful husband in order to fulfill this mission, she was not lacking in tradition, even if the context was intended to be particular. In addition to her mourning, the 95-year-old sovereign also had to deal with the Covid-19 health crisis and its set of restrictions to be respected. Thus, MPs and members of the House of Lords had to wear masks and present a negative Covid test in order to be able to attend the ceremony.

Less sumptuous than usual, the ceremony took place in complete sobriety in front of about 75 people. Her Majesty even gave up wearing her traditional ceremonial dress and crown in favor of a lilac-colored ensemble with matching hat. Impassive, it was without wavering that Elizabeth II announced the government’s legislative projects. While the throne of her late husband was removed from the House of Lords, it was therefore Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles who sat alongside the Queen.

A speech largely devoted to the management of the Covid-19 epidemic

In his speech, His Royal Highness outlined the priorities of the UK government. As The Sun reports, unsurprisingly, it was largely devoted to managing the health crisis and the “national recovery” put in place by the executive to make “the UK even stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before “. The Queen announced that action would be taken to support professionals affected by the crisis: “My government will improve opportunities in all parts of the UK, supporting jobs, businesses and economic growth, and tackling the impact of the pandemic on public services. ”

Same thing from a health perspective, where the current focus is on immunization: “My government will protect the health of the nation, by continuing the immunization program and providing additional funds to support the NHS.” As per Boris Johnson’s program, Prince Philip’s widow said the government will also be interested in “learning issues” faced by many students who have attended schooling disrupted by the pandemic. Among the other subjects mentioned, we can cite the environmental and animal question, immigration policy and security issues.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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