The Queen attended, on Sunday May 15, 2022, the first celebration of her Platinum Jubilee.
Many personalities were present like Tom Cruise.
Elizabeth II was smiling and had once again made it a point of honor to have an impeccable look.
For the occasion, she attended a horse show.

Elizabeth II still manages to surprise. While there have been many questions around her fragile state of health in recent weeks, she appeared in great shape, Sunday, May 15, 2022, for the first event of her Platinum Jubilee. As the Daily Mail reports, she attended the Windsor Horse Show which paid homage to her reign. Until the last moment, his presence had not been confirmed, only to revive the many rumors about him. Upon her arrival in the performance hall, the 96-year-old Majesty was warmly welcomed by those present, including a certain Tom Cruise.

“What she has accomplished is historic. She has met presidents, world leaders, people from all walks of life. Not just Americans, but the world knows dignity, dedication and kindness, that’s what I “I’ve always felt for her. Someone who understands her position and has held her through a story that has been extraordinary over the past 70 years,” the famous comedian said.

Elizabeth II was impressed by the show

Arriving in the performance hall, Elizabeth II took care to greet the 5,000 people who were present, then she took the time to sit down quietly. As usual, she was very well prepared and had a smile on her face. Throughout the show, she seemed to be in awe of the animals’ performances. From an early age, Prince William’s grandmother has been a horse lover.

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