It’s time for celebrations for Elizabeth II. While the scandals have been linked for several weeks within the royal family, between the upcoming trial of Prince Andrew and the first interview of Prince Harry’s explosive year, the Queen celebrated her platinum jubilee on Sunday February 6. for his 70 years of reign. It was indeed on February 6, 1952, while she was on an official trip to Kenya, that she succeeded her father at the age of 25 on the announcement of his death, before being crowned the June 2 of the following year. For her “accession day”, she therefore lent herself to the photo session to immortalize this special day, with a snapshot unveiled by Buckingham Palace, full of special symbols.

In this photo, taken in Sandringham a few days earlier, we see Elizabeth II smiling, seated in front of her “red box”, in which she receives daily the files provided by the Prime Minister, concerning the domestic and foreign policy of the country, as well as documents to sign. Installed in a pretty armchair with a tapestry pattern, she poses next to a snapshot of her father George VI, who died of cancer at the age of 56, who holds a corgi in his arms. A very special breed of dog for the queen, who has owned dozens during her life, at the instigation of her father. It is indeed the latter who adopted for the first time a welsh corgi named Dookie at Buckingham Palace when she was 7 years old, before adopting her own first corgi at the age of 18, a dog named Susan.

When will the celebrations for the jubilee of Elizabeth II take place?

In addition to the red box, the corgi and her beloved father, Elizabeth II wears symbolic jewelry in this shot, offered by her parents. While she never goes out without a small brooch to accessorize her outfit, the Queen chose for her pale green dress two brooches in the shape of ivy leaves, offered by her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon alias the Queen Mother, for her 21st birthday. She also wears, around her neck, her three-row pearl necklace, which she rarely takes off, a gift from her father King George VI. With this shot, Buckingham Palace did not fail to unveil souvenir shots, where we see Elizabeth II in 1959, then in 1972, in 1977, and in 2015, studying the documents of the famous red box. For celebrations with great fanfare, however, we will have to wait until June.

Elizabeth II © Photoshot

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