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Elizabeth II connected: the Queen gives audiences in video

A monarch 2.0. Like millions of other people, Queen Elizabeth II has also had to change her work habits since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. Usually so attached to meeting his subjects and honoring his appointments, Her Majesty was obliged … to go to telecommuting. For several months now, the British royal family has avoided interactions with other people as much as possible. Especially Elizabeth II, considered a person at risk in the face of Covid-19. But impossible for her to put aside her homework. To honor them as it should, the monarch therefore had to familiarize herself with technological tools and in particular videoconferencing. And at 94, she’s already broken in. This Friday, December 4, it is through a computer and a camera, installed at Windsor Castle where she is confined, that Elizabeth II “welcomed” three new foreign ambassadors present … at the palace of Buckingham.

As per protocol, the Ambassadors arrived at Buckingham Palace by coach to present their credentials to Queen Elizabeth II. In the Equerry’s Room of the palace, the Georgian Sophie Katsarava, the Timorese Gil da Costa and the Hungarian Ferenc Kumin respected the traditions and notably bowed before the sovereign, several tens of kilometers away. And the least we can say is that Elizabeth II seems to have fully embraced the digital age. Since it is with a broad smile that she inaugurated her virtual meetings. Proof, if one is needed, that Her Majesty is comfortable behind a screen: after meeting the three new ambassadors, she followed up with a new videoconference with Stephen Cottrell, the Archbishop of York, who has was appointed last July. A necessarily historic moment for the 94-year-old monarch.

Funny first steps

And if Elizabeth II has continued to honor a few commitments in physics in recent months, she has often favored the virtual. Especially on the occasion of her 94th birthday, last April since the British royal family had organized itself so that its various members could meet with the Queen, via video calls. During the coronavirus pandemic, Prince William said he created a family group on the Zoom app “We did it, we did a lot of things as a family. We spoke to our whole family online. And it was a great way to keep in touch, ”the Duke of Cambridge explained. Now established, Elizabeth II sometimes had to struggle with new technologies. Particularly last June, where she had been able to count on the help of Princess Anne during a very fun virtual meeting. Still confined to Windsor, it is also through this that she will have to celebrate the end of year holidays with her loved ones. For the first time in his reign.

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