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Elizabeth II: concern about the state of health of her cousin Marie-Christine de Kent

It seems that the royal family is not immune to the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, Marie-Christine de Kent, the wife of Prince Michael of Kent, has tested positive for the coronavirus. This rumor was first launched by The Sun and then confirmed by the Daily Mail on Monday 23 November. According to her spokesperson Simon Astaire, the princess “fell ill” about three weeks ago. Thus, she quickly tested positive for Covid-19 and it seems that it was her housekeeper, also ill for several weeks, who was the contact case. He wanted to reassure the British during an interview with the People newspaper, in which he explained that after the 75-year-old princess suffered “from extreme fatigue and terrible fevers” for several weeks, she would be now “on the mend”. Indeed, according to his statements, Marie-Christine de Kent would have finished with the most difficult period of the disease and would have “passed the worst now”. As soon as she tested positive, the princess “isolated herself in her apartment in Kensington and fired staff to avoid spreading the virus further,” a source close to the couple told People. Regarding her husband Prince Michael of Kent, 78 years old, he has not contracted the disease but is however confined with his wife since the announcement of the result.

A pandemic that affects royalty

Marie-Christine de Kent is the third member of Elizabeth II’s family to have contracted Covid-19. Prince Charles announced he had coronavirus last March. Aged 72, he isolated himself for a week but continued to work from home throughout this period. His eldest son Prince William recently revealed that he had had it at the beginning of last April, a few days after Prince Charles, but the latter had not wanted to make it known publicly so as not to worry the British. “Important things were happening and I didn’t want to worry everyone,” he told The Sun. He had thus isolated himself in his mansion at Anmer Hall in Norfolk and had been treated by palace doctors.

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